Dr. Anthony Sean Neal
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Mississippi State University

Few, if any, organizations are similarly focused upon the institution and the faculty member with a view that is constantly tuned to the needs of today’s students. Certainly, the years of experience actually doing this type of work and the expertise developed, both separate this organization and make it a first-rate operation.” 

Carl E. Davenport, II
Vice President, EOT Program Manager
Constituent Services Worldwide

Educational Research Analysis & Consultation group provided exceptional consultation for our private and government teams. Most firms have a hard time adjusting between government and private requirements, as the content can vary significantly between both! We learned very quickly that the Educational Research Analysis & Consultation experts could effectively transition seamlessly between both areas without delays. I applaud their work and would highly recommend their services. ” 

Dr. Nancy Bookhart
Chair, Department of Humanities
Professor of Art
Paine College

Dr. Emily Williams is the quintessential artist-philosopher in her own right. To state artist-philosopher is to indicate that she is a thinker as well as a creator. She is not limited to thinking on the right or left of her cerebral. She is accustomed to actuating logic and imagination simultaneously. There are no limits to her reach; she is boundless. I have experienced Dr. Williams in many of her modes of Being, and her pedagogical, as well as her administrative and business acumen, are unquestionable. Her ability to galvanize individuals in her pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion is remarkable. She is not static in her ordering, but visionary in her projections as experienced personally as one of the contributors to her recent anthology, Diversity Matters: The Color, Shape, and Tone of Twenty-First-Century Diversity. Dr. Williams, cognitive of this historical moment regarding race relationships in America, shifted my primarily theoretical assessment of race to the human sensibility in the matter of Black lives. ” 

Dr. Karl Ellis Johnson
Chair, Africana Studies Program
Ramapo College of New Jersey

“The professionalism displayed by ERAC led by Dr. Emily Williams is the Hallmark of this consulting firm. In a time when fact-based educational approaches are under attack in the world, which endangers the greatest higher educational systems we have in serving humankind, Dr.  Emily Williams has been a stalwart for Academic Freedom. Higher Educational faculty and administrations truly want and need diversity of personal ideologies that represent America’s greatest attributes. Assistance with getting published, editing publications, organizing/directing conferences, and ensuring inclusion within diversity in hiring is our only way forward to the “promised land” in America. Dr. Williams and her consulting firm, ERAC, can help to make these things happen for struggling institutions.”

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