Educational Research Analysis & Consultation (ERACis organized to support educators, community leaders, and their institutions through individualized and detailed support in the areas listed under Services.

Our MissionERAC seeks to listen carefully to institutional needs in providing high quality and timely consultation services to colleges, universities, secondary schools, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and community organizations. We carefully review all of the institution’s documents (strategic plans, organizational structure, assessment reports, accreditation findings, budgets, curriculum, required to perform the requested and agreed upon analyses and production (reports, review of documents,

ERAC assists institutions to maintain their successes and outcomes while moving toward innovations in the 21st century educational landscapes.

Our Visionary Goal… ERAC seeks to become a leading support organization for educational institutions toward continuous assessment and improvement in understanding and realizing their goals through implementation of strategies toward successful outcomes. We assist organizations to clearly define “ways of knowing” their goals, projected outcomes, metrics, targets, and use of data in evolving upon their institutional successes.

Educational Research Analysis & Consultation (ERAC) conducts its work by leading with Intelligence, Resilience, and Respect for all stakeholders in the consultation process – from start to finish.

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